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Building boat docks since 1996

Compare the running price per foot of dock (complete), not just the cost per dock section. A lot of dock companies make "good, better and best" type of docks. They will have a low-priced dock that is made completely of wood; or they will have a wooden framework dock, with a plastic floor; or they will have an all-aluminum dock with a plastic floor, like ours. If you compare the cheapest or lowest priced wooden dock to our dock, it is about the same price. Please compare "like design" and materials of each dock. You will find our docks to be much less expensive - 30 to 40% cheaper!

Boatdockdirect.com was designed with you, our customer, in mind. We make the docks, and we sell them directly to our customers at a savings of 30% to 40% from regular retail prices. We eliminate the middleman, passing the savings on to you!

Boat Docks Direct will ship our docks directly to your door. Even with shipping prices, our total price will be much less than that of any dealer. Buying directly from the manufacturer saves money!

Boat Docks Direct docks are not a copy of some other manufacturer's docks. They are docks that are original in design, unsurpassed in quality and strength.

Boat Docks Direct docks are made from custom-designed aluminum framework and perforated polypropylene flooring that will never rot, rust or splinter. This perforated flooring is approximately 50% open, allowing waves to pass through the dock without impact damage. All of our fasteners are made of 304 stainless steel so they will never rust. Because of these high quality materials, these docks are virtually maintenance free.

Boat Docks Direct docks are very easy to install. Our hardware consists of stainless steel and plastic knobs that are easy to turn by hand, requiring no tools. You will never lose your tools in the water again!

Boat Docks Direct docks weigh only 102 pounds per 4 foot x 10 foot section. Two adults (or one big guy!) can quickly and easily install and remove our docks from the water.
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